"Buying a house in REMAX GOLDEN MILE with the Team Pezzuti, REMAX is the largest real estate company with over 8,000 agencies around the world. We have an impressive selection of properties and we are confident that we have the right property for you, at Team Pezzuti we are experts in Tenerife property sales! Our service includes professional real estate advice geared to the client's needs throughout the entire sale and purchase process. Leave your property only in the best hands and you will get peace of mind and the expected result"

Do you want to sell your property?

In one of the most important operations of our life, the sale of a property, trust RE/MAX, is guaranteed success. 40 years in the sector, make RE/MAX, more than a brand, making RE/MAX a safe value to bet on when carrying out this important operation.

As a RE/MAX agent  I will do for you

  • Advise you on the best price to sell your property, as we have the best tools to carry out a Market Analysis.
  • Help you with the preparation of your home for sale.
  • Prepare a dossier of your property with a professional photographic report, video, and floor plan included.
  • Cross-reference your offer with our registered purchase requests and those of other RE/MAX Agents/Agencies.
  • Advertise your property in the area, in magazines, and advertising flyers.
  • Place an attention-grabbing for sale sign.
  • Advertise your property in the main media and Internet portals.
  • Select buyers who have the necessary solvency to purchase your property and only then invite them to visit your property, refuting their unfounded objections.
  • Help you with the paperwork for the sale and purchase, including the simple note register and contracts.
  • Accompany you to the Notary to complete the whole process smoothly and at your convenience.

I will provide you with a professional, high-value Market Analysis at free of charge so that you can sell in the shortest possible time and with maximum profitability!

In Team Pezzuti we will help you with all your needs, we will be with you every step of the way and you will get the expected results because we are the team with more sales.

Welcome Fall! 

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